subsystem Phase variables Components
 Flow variable potencial variable R L C
(contravariant (covariant
variable ) variable)
electric current voltage
resistance inductance capacitance
mechanical force velocity damping Flexibility mass
mechanical moment angle velocity damping torsion mass moment
torsional damping  of inertia
gas- mass pressure
hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
hydraulic expenditure  damping inductance capacitance
thermal thermal  temperature thermal   thermal
flux resistance    capacitance
Designation I U U=RI U=LdI/dt I=CdU/dt


  Phase variables components
input signal output signal transfer functions
tables of transitions
designation Uin Uout Uout=WUin

  Controled source Controled source
  for the current for the voltage
disignation J=f (variable,components) e=g(variable,components)








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