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Any technical device can be viewed as complex  system if we will present this device from a various sides and on various phases of its existence. The basic problems at modeling of engineering systems :

  - The requirement of constant expansion of representations about system; 

  - The necessity of synthesis of multiphysical description of various designs on various phases of their designing; 

  - The big number of variables, the big number of equations leading to significant computing expenses.

For a resolving of these problems it is offered to use :

 - The tensor analysis of networks - at a mathematical level

 -  Coarray Fortran – at a software level

 -  Manycore architecture - at a hardware level

mathematical level

Further we shall view mathematical opportunities of tensor analysis of networks.

• The engineering devices are considered in various spaces;

• The transition from one device to another at different levels of hierarchy, is considered as transformation of spaces.

The problem of synthesis of multiphysical description of engineering system

Solution :

- Application of theory of electric circuits, use of method of electroanalogies for calculation of devices of various physical nature;

The problem of many levels of projects

Solution :

- The overlapping in the uniform mathematical description of continuous differential objects and discrete topological objects allows to join with systems of designing (CAD/CAM)

The problem of big number of variables

Solution :

- Application of principle of an invariance of equations leads to universality of software and decrease in expenses for the programming at multiple researches;

- Application of calculation by parts allows to execute parallel calculations.

software level

Coarray Fortran is the simplest way of creation of parallel programs

* programming on coarray Fortran little differs from programming in engineering systems MATLAB or SciLAB

* coarray Fortran is well adapted for programming of tasks of multilinear algebra

* “Co-array Fortran represent a correspondance between tensor notation and an extended Fortran array syntax.” (Robert W.Numrich. Parallel Numerical Algorithms Based on Tensor Notation and Co-Array Fortran Syntax. Parallel Computing,31, p.588, 2005)

hardware level

The calculations on manycore architecture ( Intel® Manycore Testing Lab )





Change date : 22.05.2014